I am extremely passionate about everything I do, let it be design, art, photography, rock climbing, travelling, cooking or anything else for that matter.

There is nothing more that I appreciate than good design that isn’t only unique but brings pleasure to its users. As a designer I love to explore how creative disciplines seamlessly integrate together to become one entity, such as a graphic becoming the design of a building, or the shapes of a microscopic product developed into a piece of furniture, furthermore how design can be derived from the tiniest details such as a grain of sand. Everyone has good ideas, opinions and criticism, I believe it’s important to embrace these and carefully listen rather than keeping yourself shut, yet ultimately up to you to pick the right path.

Conceptual design is extremely exciting, yet bringing that design home can be extremely hard, my conceptual work always considers the bigger picture of making the design a reality and so far I have had success. Materiality within my work is extremely important, and I dig deep in my attempt to find the perfect match for whatever I may be designing. My love for science is reflected when I explore structure and smart materials such as the use of thermochromic pigment to enhance a space with natural change without the use of electricity to create a more sustainability design, yet just as exciting. Furthermore, user flow within a space or the use of a product is by far one of the most important aspects where everything should feel natural and ergonomic or perhaps on purpose frustrating.