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The transition to low carbon, behind-the-meter power generation at industrial facilities is fraught with challenges. Such systems must not only be highly reliable and capable of operating at a large scale, but they also need to supply high quality and high temperature process heat, often in the form of steam, which is hard to achieve with renewable energy sources. Moreover, the remote locations of many of these facilities compound fuel delivery and storage difficulties.Altiro presents a breakthrough iron-fuel and reactor system that creates zero CO2 emissions during power generation. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates into existing heat and power infrastructures, offering a cost-competitive alternative to current low carbon technologies while ensuring high reliability. The iron-fuel system allows for the on-site storage of substantial energy reserves, effectively mitigating logistical issues and enhancing facility resilience against weather-related disruptions that could affect renewable energy supplies. Altiro’s technology addresses the complex energy needs of industrial facilities, paving the way for a more sustainable and dependable power generation landscape.