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In the face of a significant housing shortage and sustainability crisis, the real estate development sector struggles with inefficiency and escalating costs. Conventional construction materials significantly contribute to embodied carbon, with the built environment responsible for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional design approaches often lead to bespoke, one-off projects with little incentive for efficiency due to time-based contracts. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for a housing solution that is repeatable, sustainable and scalable.Algoma is a digital architect and engineer that provides real estate developers with a faster, cost-effective, and sustainable approach to housing. Leveraging mass timber and a library of standardized building components, Algoma’s innovative software platform automates the design phase and offers:Automated feasibility studies, allowing developers to understand what’s possible on site, providing them with accurate cost estimates very early on.Integrated architectural and engineering designs, allowing real estate developers to move from concept design to construction documentation faster and at lower cost.Connection to contractors and suppliers, allowing developers to efficiently find partners to deliver the project.