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Dr Jameel Feshitan earned his Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering at University of Missouri,
Columbia in 2007, with a minor in mathematics, and attained a PhD in chemical engineering at Columbia
University in New York City in 2012. He has 15 years’ experience performing research on ultrasound
contrast agents known as microbubbles for diagnostic imaging, ultrasound targeted drug/gene delivery and
oxygen delivery to treat hypoxia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. He helped pioneer a novel
method to make the holy grail in microbubble engineering – stable monodisperse microbubbles which are
optimized for precise, non-invasive and efficient anti-cancer drug/gene delivery in combination with
medical ultrasound. In 2020, he founded the biotech startup, Advanced Microbubbles Inc, with the goal of
clinical translation of the ultrasound triggered monodisperse microbubbles as the state-of-the-art
drug/gene delivery platform to overcome the current challenges facing conventional drug delivery such as
poor drug penetration to the disease region, terrible drug side-effects and poor survival outcomes. His
startup’s platform will focus on treatment of various solid tumor cancers including pancreatic, liver, breast,
colorectal cancer and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS etc.