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Prellis Biologics is 32 days from anti-COVID-19 human antibodies, using their bioprinted, human mini lymph nodes. In 2017, Prellis Biologics printed human mini lymph nodes, which they injected with Zika virus. The mini lymph nodes produced human antibodies for passive immunity against Zika. Now, Prellis is doing the same for the coronavirus. In one week, they will be growing immune cells, in two weeks growing lymph nodes, and in a month screening the antibodies. In six weeks the antibodies will be sequenced for scale-up and trials, which could begin in as soon as 10 weeks. This is a much faster turnaround time for antibodies and even if other approaches yield antibodies first, Prellis’ approach is a more rapid way to generate antibodies as the virus mutates.
Anti-COVID-19 Antibodies via 3D Printed Human Lymph Nodes
Primer on the the three major treatment strategies for defense against COVID-19
White Paper on Prellis-created antibody production
Deck on above strategy