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Smart Lumies uses ML and Deep Learning to track children’s playtime, assess their
cognitive capacity, and speed up or improve their development by curating and aggregating relevant content.

Beyond tracking and personalizing content for kids, the platform provides early warnings for different developmental disorders.

We use a combination of mobile games and smart toys for different activities because we collect important playtime data that regular mobile games and apps can’t.

ducts are eye-catching, experience-driven, adaptable and easy to use. The physical toys are an enabler for an unlimited number of games and activities. The games are chosen inside the mobile app but played on a real physical toy. The smartphone is used to display game information, start games and provide feedback to the user. These games and activities include creative play, tasks and riddles, problem-solving situations and social group activities.

Smart Lumies doesn’t only provide children with a big pool of options to choose from, but also actively suggests games be played based on users previous game choices. This system allows us always to have appropriate game suggestions for each of our users.