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AI is already creating a huge electricity burden, with data centres that today consume more electricity than Western countries like the UK, and this is set to grow exponentially. Currently, copper interconnects are used to transmit signals, and 40% of this energy utilized is wasted as heat in copper wire. Hyperlume has developed a patented micro-LED structure, light coupling method, modulation and ultra-low power receiver circuit. Their technology enables high-speed, ultra-low-power, low-cost optical interconnects for data centres and high-performance computing systems that can save up to 10% energy. Hyperlume is initially deploying their technology as energy-efficient, ultra-fast, cheap Active Optical Cable, followed by application to very short range link and Seamless Optical Fabric/Chiplet in 2025. They have significant market traction with industry leaders including Google, Cisco, Samsung, and Intel, among others.