Upside chicken
FoodHack called out cultivated meat maker Upside Foods as one of the successful foodtech companies in SOSV’s portfolio. Source: Upside Foods

In FoodHack’s 2022 report on the most active FoodTech investors, SOSV / IndieBio stood out as the #1 most active investor in the space this year. 

SOSV most active foodtech investor 2022
Pulling data from more than 100 investors, FoodHack ranked SOSV / IndieBio as the most active foodtech investor of 2022. Source: FoodHack

SOSV / IndieBio racked up 56 investments, including companies like cultivated meat maker UPSIDE Foods (IBSF02 2015), alternative aquafeed specialist NovoNutrients (IBSF07 2018), and dairy supply chain software developers Milk Moovement (IndieBio Food-X 11).

Berlin-based FoodLabs ranked second with 47 investments, and Big Idea Ventures ranked third with 45.