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Catalog is creating DNA-based data storage platform.
Catalog’s DNA-based data storage platform may benefit financial fraud detection, image processing for discovering defects, and seismic processing. Source: Catalog

In the article “Synthetic DNA startup Catalog partners with Seagate for its DNA-based data storage platform”, TechCrunch reported that IndieBio’s Catalog (SF04 2016) is partnering with Seagate Technology to build its automated DNA-based platform for massive digital data storage and computation. In Sept. 2021, TechCrunch previously reported that Boston-based Catalog had closed a $35M series B led by Horizon Ventures and Hanwha Impact, bringing its total funding to date to $60M.

This platform will rely on Seagate’s unique electronic chips, which include tiny reservoirs that process small amounts of liquid synthetic DNA. TechCrunch noted that the DNA-based computation platform will cost less, use less energy, and be 1,000 times smaller than computation systems today. 

“Collaborating with an industry leader like Seagate will help speed our ability to advance DNA storage,” Catalog founder and CEO Hyunjun Park told TechCrunch. “In addition to DNA storage, Catalog has already discovered the means to incorporate DNA into algorithms and applications with potential widespread cases including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and secure computing. This work with Seagate is essential to eventually lowering costs and reducing the complexity of storage systems.”