Congratulations to the three SOSV portfolio companies that made the Top 20 at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2023! Take a look at the amazing innovations in human & planetary health they’re currently working on:

🌾 Brendan Collins and the team at Avalo (IndieBio) are betting the company’s AI can speed up the creation of climate-resistant crops—a crucial technology amid increasingly extreme weather and temperatures. Watch Avalo’s pitch here.

🔬 Glennon Simmons and the Portable Diagnostic Systems team (HAX) are using saliva and microfluidics technology to get real-time diagnostic reports, currently focusing on generating a snapshot of the drugs someone has taken over the last 24-72 hours. Watch their pitch here.

🦠 The Untap Health team (HAX), led by Claire Trant PhD FRSA & Jay Bullen, is working to automate PCR testing of collective sewage, serving up same-day infection data on a building’s community of users—allowing these locations to prevent outbreaks. Watch the Untap pitch here.