Prellis Biologics

Human Tissue Printing and Pharmaceutical Development

Company Details

Prellis Biologics is a newly-founded company developing novel technology to bioprint vascularized human tissues. Networks of small blood vessels are necessary for tissue function, homeostasis, and development. Prellis Biologics is dedicated to providing better drug testing options and tissues for human transplant, including solid organs, connective tissues (tendons, ligaments), and secretory tissues.

Our platform technology allows for development of multiple products. Initially, we will seek to create surrogate tissues for pharmaceutical testing. This will be followed by development of large-format tissue for the human transplant market.

Company People

Noelle Mullin

Noelle Mullin

Elizabeth Reynolds

Elizabeth Reynolds

Melanie Matheu

Melanie Matheu
CEO & Co-Founder

Prellis Biologics News


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