NERv Technology Inc.

The current standard of healthcare is failing at addressing post-operative complications, causing the death of 1 in every 10 patients suffering from complications. Complications are only detected days after they begin, significantly affecting mortality rates, cost of treatment, and the patient's quality of life. We know we can do better. To address this, NERv is creating the first ever platform to detect post-operative complications in real-time. Our core technology utilizes biosensors to monitor natural biomarkers inside the body, detecting abnormal changes and reporting them immediately to the patient and their medical team. The technology is integrated into devices already familiar to surgeons, nurses, and other medical staff in order to facilitate adoption. Our devices will be utilized in general, obstetrical, and gynecological surgeries suchas operaions in the urinary and digestive systems, intestinal surgeries, and bariatric surgeries. Our technology has already been demonstrated in animal studies at a world-class institution in Toronto, Canada, during which complications were detected only minutes after they occured (down from the status quo of several days!). Our team includes surgeons, engineers, scientists, and regulatory experts who have come together to address to release a product into the market in a timely fashion. Feel free to get in touch!