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Mobio Interactive (MI) builds software to prevent, measure and treat mental illness.

MI’s flagship product is an AI platform available in the app stores as “Am Mindfulness” in English, Mandarin, Dutch and German. Am delivers medical-grade neural training while remotely and objectively quantifying its own efficacy on each individual, both acutely and over time.

App efficacy is quantified using pre- and post-assessments of mood and stress, including fully objective quantification of stress without using a wearable. These data support personalised content delivery through deep neural networks, providing the most effective platform for psychotherapy delivery bar none.

The use of computer vision (e.g. PPGI), in particular, enables accurate assessment of human vitals without the need for a wearable, massively increasing the platform’s scalability. MI’s core AI technology is trusted by the scientific community, with three peer-reviewed papers already published.

Moreover, MI has completed two randomised controlled trials (RCTs) that demonstrate improvement in stress-resilience and physical endurance after three weeks of app usage. The first of these RCTs was published in early 2019 in the journal JMIR Mental Health. Clinical trials with patients are now underway in psycho-ongology and healthcare utilisation.

The long-term goal of Mobio Interactive is to disrupt healthcare by empowering citizens and medical professionals with digital therapeutics that are inherently personalised, highly efficacious and less prone to the unacceptable side-effects that commonly accompany pharmacotherapy.

Am Mindfulness focuses on preventing stress related diseases, including mental illness comorbidities in cancer and postpartum depression. Am Mindfulness is enjoyed as an employee benefit in Canada, and is projected to become a health-insurance reimbursed product in China, Holland and Germany in 2019.

Mobio Interactive致力于开发数字工具,帮助消费者和临床人群提高表现和保持健康。

Mobio Interactive的旗舰产品是移动应用程序商店中出售的移动应用程序“Am正念”,中文,英文,荷兰文和德文版。


计算机视觉计算(PPGI)能够在无需可穿戴设备的前提下,准确测量多样的身心数据,从而显着提高平台的可推广性。Mobio Interactive的技术获得了科学界的信赖,已有三篇同行评议研究发表。
Mobio Interactive已经完成了两项随机对照试验,其中,压力恢复能力提高10%,身体耐力增加4.5%,自我感知创造力也获得了提高。团队目前正在进行针对癌症、疼痛、脑瘫和严重精神疾病的临床试验。


Mobio Interactive联合创始人包括首席设计官Mark Thoburn和首席执行官兼首席科学家Bechara Saab博士。Mark毕业于安大略艺术与设计学院,具有媒体背景,并在世界各地指导和制作法语纪录片。Bechara是苏黎世大学精神病医院神经科学的前首席研究员,他的实验室专注于研究大脑循环,并由此开始探索加强学习和治疗精神疾病。 Mobio Interactive团队还包括软件开发人员、人工智能专家、艺术家和数据科学家。

Mobio Interactive目前正与大型制药公司就两项数百万美元的协议进行谈判。

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Company People

Mark Thoburn

Mark Thoburn
Co-Founder. Chief of Design and Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Bechara Saab

Dr. Bechara Saab
CEO, CSO & Co-Founder

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