LUXSENS is an AI technology company connecting luxury merchants to consumers. We are building the global price index of luxury brands powered by AI

We have more 'live' product data than any other luxury platform or auction house in the world.

Stats: -19 countries -300,000 SKUs -$400M USD merchandise

We believe in Responsible Consumption and Production. So we are passionate and creating three stages of R’s (Recycle > Reinvent > Revive) as part of our company’s vision.

-Recycling to build awareness in the second-hand market place to give luxury goods a second life. -Reinvent by building AI technology to connect luxury merchants to consumers -Revive by creating a sustainable luxury company by honoring the heritage of the luxury brands and extending the lifecycle of luxuries.

We’re coming to a point where sustainability is an important factor in the world. We must learn to cherish the world we live in by taking care of it. So one way to achieve that is to build the next generation of technology powered by AI to connect luxury merchants to consumers. That’s what LUXSENS is all about.