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Bison provides software for analyzing private fund performance.

Imagine managing $2B for a public pension. Receiving data quarterly either through PDFs or excel files from over 50 prospective and existing managers. This is reality for tens of thousands of fund managers.

Bison is an innovative software company working to develop an indispensable suite of business intelligence tools for the front offices of the private markets fund operators and investors.

Cobalt GP The first of its kind, Cobalt GP is the business intelligence platform built specifically for the front office of private fund managers. We work with investor relations, deal, and operations teams to help streamline portfolio company management, team collaboration, portfolio analysis, investor reporting, and benchmarking.

Cobalt GP helps managers unlock insights in their portfolio data and create compelling visuals and reports.

Cobalt LP Cobalt LP is a modern business intelligence platform built specifically for private markets investors. Flexible analytics and comprehensive market data give limited partners on-demand insight into their portfolios. With automated evaluation models, investors can easily scale their diligence activities and strengthen their investment processes.

Cobalt LP empowers investment teams and portfolio managers, allowing them to perform complex modeling and reporting tasks with ease and confidence.

Company People

Rasmus Goksor

Rasmus Goksor
CEO & Co-Founder

David Backman

David Backman
Director of Sales

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