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1Trolley offers an end-to-end solution to help retailers in the Middle East and North Africa to sell online, offering digital marketing, order picking, and last-mile delivery for retailers. Our on-demand service can purchase, pick up, and deliver convenient goods that are ordered from one’s neighborhood stores through the mobile app.

Locations: Egypt


247 is a social commerce platform that connects people to the very best things to see and do in China and beyond. We build relationships with our users by informing them of events and interest-based communities they might connect to during their travels. We help users discover events, experiences, and trips anywhere in China, Hong […]

Locations: China

24SEVEN is on a mission to revolutionize Pakistan’s traditional retail with digitization & innovation so fresh produce, grocery & essentials are accessible to every household. 24SEVEN Apni Dukan, a community commerce platform, is empowering the country by creating a seamless network of trusted resellers. Our goal is to accelerate the growth of these kiryanas (mom […]

Locations: Pakistan


Achiko has created user-friendly diagnostic testing integrated with a digital passport solution for the management of COVID-19. AptameX™ includes DNA aptamer-based technology that is cost effective, chemically synthesised, and widely applicable to the evolving diagnostic field of healthcare. Together with the digital mobile health app Teman Sehat™, Achiko is developing potential technologies that seek to […]

Locations: Indonesia


Agrifi builds a digital credit history for farmers through their app and matches the farmers with banks.

Locations: India


Allrites is Asia’s leading marketplace to discover, buy and sell Film, TV, and Sports content rights, targeting content buyers who are stuck with rigid and expensive deals and content makers who are losing millions on their IP while their titles gather dust on the shelf. Allrites enables content licensing distribution on a global scale, 24/7, […]

Locations: Singapore


AllSome is an end-to-end fulfillment platform for e-commerce sellers across Southeast Asia to build and autorun fulfillment operations

Locations: China

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker is a one-stop mobile application to improve mental and physical health families worldwide.


Double a game’s exposure at any moment with Appfuel’s in-app suggestion platform. Appfuel makes it easy and free for apps to swap suggestions for each other and acquire quality users for their game without drowning in opaque and fragmented ad-tech middlemen.

Locations: United States


Arkademi helps people get access to any vocational courses with professional certification at a very accessible cost. People can learn any time and in any space on the go and seamlessley with our super practical app.

Locations: Indonesia

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