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AngelVest Group

AngelVest Group’s mission is to help our members identify and invest in compelling early-stage businesses in China. We also provide a venue for entrepreneurs to raise early-stage capital from accredited angel investors. Entrepreneurs typically seek to raise from USD $100K to $500K and can enjoy the benefits of continued interaction and mentorship by their angel […]

Locations: China


CanCan is a cloud-based software service that provide real-time, critical financial and management information to SME owners and managers. With our team of financial and accounting consultants, software professionals, and business management experts, CanCan also improves the productivity of employees and accountants by digitalizing business flows and connecting them to financial systems.

Locations: China


Chekk provides a secure end-to-end platform for Digital Identity, Know Your Customers (KYC) and Data Portability (for Retail and Corporates). Building on discussions with officials in various countries, these existing solutions can be used to enable a Digital Medical Passport (DMP) and other services for citizen and health professionals, in order to help governments with […]

Locations: China


ClearingPoint is helping SMEs in Latin America with their cross-border payments to Asia.

Locations: China

Property Passbook

Property Passbook is a multi-lingual, investor-first platform leveraging a massive data set and smart analytics. The data system helps investors identify which markets and projects are most undervalued and offer the best growth potential for long-term appreciation. Investors can also easily compare the investability of new residential properties city by city, country by country to […]

Locations: China


Screea is a universal cashback loyalty platform where users can earn Screea points anywhere within our global ecosystem—online and offline. The points can be cashed out, redeemed for prizes, or used as a payment tool at selected partners within our global ecosystem.

Locations: China

The CareVoice

The CareVoice is an Asian health insurance company driven to make health insurance more human centric using a digital approach. Through CareVoiceOS, the first healthcare operating system for insurers, we are expanding a “one click” connected health insurance ecosystem. Insurers can engage their customers with the latest health technologies and launch tailored insurance products for […]

Locations: China

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