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IndieBio’s New Culture teams up with ADM to bring animal-free mozzarella to Midwest pizzerias
Hannah DeTavis
New Culture
New Culture merges traditional cheese-making methods with food science to create cheese that’s sustainable on the planet and its animals and people. Source: New Culture

In Bloomberg’s recent article “Vegan Mozzarella Set to Debut in Midwest Pizzerias in Latest ADM Bet”, Bloomberg reported that IndieBio’s New Culture (IndieBio SF08 2019) has partnered with agricultural trader and processor Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (ADM) to bring animal-free mozzarella to the U.S. food market. 

New Culture creates animal-free casein protein using a fermentation process to replicate the consistency and melting properties of cheese. With access to ADM’s robust supply chain, manufacturing assets, and affordable ingredients, New Culture will bring its “cow cheese without the cow” to Midwest pizzerias beginning in 2023, Bloomberg said.

“We believe this technology is a game changer and will help lead the transition of the global dairy diet,” New Culture co-founder and CEO Matt Gibson told Bloomberg. “But the partnership with ADM will give us a new scale and competitiveness, and at the end of the day, the decision comes to price, taste, and convenience.”

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