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HAX’s commercial space cleaning robot maker Avidbots closes $70M series C
Hannah DeTavis
Avidbots’ robotic floor cleaner Neo 2 includes a web-based command center, so managers can locate each member of the fleet and identify how much more floor space it has to disinfect. Source: Avidbots

HAX’s autonomous robot manufacturer Avidbots (HAX 04) recently raised $70M in a series C funding round led by Jeneration Capital, according to TechCrunch’s article, “Avidbots, maker of autonomous industrial cleaning robots, nabs $70M”. The series C also garnered support from SOSV, GGV Capital, True Ventures, Kensington Capital Partners, Next 47,  BDC Capital, Golden Ventures, BMO Capital Partners, Golden Vision Capital, and Nicola Wealth.

Avidbots’ robotic floor cleaner called Neo 2 sweeps and scrubs commercial spaces, including airports, department stores, auto dealerships, and many other facilities. With the new funding, Avidbots intends to grow its fleet of cleaning bots and improve the underlying software that powers them while also expanding the company’s internal talent.  

Avidbots CEO and co-founder Faizan Sheikh told BusinessWire, “This is a special milestone in our company’s development. A special thank you to all our customers around the world as well as Avidbotters past and present for their tireless efforts to help us get here.”

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