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HAX’s CleanRobotics raises $4.5M, revs production on robot that sorts recyclables better than humans
Hannah DeTavis
CleanRobotics’ “recycling bin of the future” sorts recyclables with 90% accuracy, produces data for waste audits, triggers fullness alerts, and displays video content. Source: CleanRobotics

In the article “TrashBot uses AI to sort recyclables”, TechCrunch reported that Colorado-based CleanRobotics (HAX 08) raised a $4.5 million series A led by Melco International Development Limited and supported by SOSV/HAX, Undivided VC, and Longmont Evergreen Opportunity Fund. 

CleanRobotics’ autonomous system “TrashBot” combines machine learning and robotics to sort recyclable materials with 90% accuracy, gathering data all the while to improve the sorting process. TrashBot reduces the cost of recycling for businesses, especially in places like airports and shopping malls, and boosts profits for recycling plants, TechCrunch notes.

“Recycling rules are confusing and consumers are often so confused that their recycling accuracy is less than chance, leading to highly contaminated recyclables, which no one is buying,” said CleanRobotics CEO Charles Yhap. “Our system improves material diversion from landfills, resulting in more recyclables and less waste.”

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