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Mehran Talebinejad

At a young age, Mehran was fascinated with the intricacies of the brain and how it functions. Originally intending to take the path of prosthetics and surgery, he ultimately realized that there was a need for non-invasive brain tools and neuromodulation, allowing patients to experience health improvement without medication or surgery.
Now, Mehran is a biomedical engineer with advanced entrepreneurial skills that led him to be named as one of Invest Ottawa’s National Capital Region’s 100 RisingStar CEOs in 2012. In 2014, they designated him the title of Honorary RisingStar CEO for the advancement of his company NeuroQore, founded in 2012 with long-time colleague Adrian D.C. Chan. He has created partnerships with investors, universities, and medical facilities that have helped him, and his partners, raise significant capital funds. He remains as effective in a business setting as he does in practice and research.
As a hands-on CEO, Mehran aims for giant leaps and breakthroughs in the growth of his research, which centers in magnetic neuromodulation for the benefit of improving a patient’s life. This provides a high reward, both within the scope of the company as well as patient care. Creating his own company has allowed him to execute his own visions and ideas while experiencing humility and immense satisfaction as he is able to witness patients move into remission after having suffered from devastating chronic disorders.
Building an enterprise that promises to change the landscape of brain health remains a large part of why Mehran co-founded NeuroQore. NeuroQore offers a novel form of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) with an improved pulse, with personalized targeting, an accelerated protocol with onset effects within hours, and post-treatment brain assessments. As CEO, Mehran works alongside a passionate and diverse team to grow the company and provide affordable health care for more patients.

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