Announcing IndieBio SF’s Next Wave – VC-Founder Meetings (June 17 to 21) Learn More

Announcing IndieBio SF’s Next Wave: VC-Founder meetings – Week of June 17
June 17, 2024 9:00AM

SOSV’s IndieBio cohort #15 is ready to meet investors, and we’re helping VCs line up in-person meetings with our founders during the week of June 17 at IndieBio SF’s office in San Francisco. Please contact Westley Dang for more information.

Not in San Francisco that week? We also have a virtual demo day slated for Friday, June 21, starting at 9:00 a.m. PT. Registered investors will be able to review each company’s pitch video and deck, as well as request appointments with founders.

There are 12 companies in the cohort, and here is the complete list:

  • Able Sciences – Therapeutics company enabling cell and gene therapies by leveraging self-amplifying RNAs for multivalent expression

  • Aqualith – A battery materials supplier which makes micro silicon-based anodes and cathodes that brings us closer to the theoretical limit of energy capacity for lightweight batteries

  • Bryosphere Technologies – B2B beauty ingredients company leveraging moss bioreactors to make previously inaccessible high-value compounds for skin aging and hyperpigmentation

  • Farm Minerals – 20% of the fertilizer and feed additive market is for micronutrients. Farm Minerals reinvents these biomineral supplements for extraordinary yield gains and massive cost reductions.

  • Hypercell – Makes industrial food safety tests that are deliver results in less than an hour, and reduce the operational burden for food processors with fast and easy to use tests

  • Nutrition from Water – makes an affordable bulk protein, nicknamed “marine whey,” that has very similar nutrition and performance to bovine whey protein – for both sports nutrition and affordable nutrition around the world.

  • Reactosome – Therapeutics company using their synthetic nuclei to deliver AND continuously express very large payloads for gene therapy

  • Rybodyn – Making cancer immunotherapies using a treasure trove of never-before-seen cancer-specific peptides from the proprietary method to probe the “dark proteome”

  • Stream Genomics – Company making a new kind of sequencer that skips the library prep, and uses 1000x less data for basecalling, sequences 100x faster, and is 10x cheaper

  • Spiralwave – Inventors of the “Nanobeam,” which transforms emitter flue gas and water into marine methanol in a single step, using a new class of cold plasma that needs less power than a standard kitchen microwave.

  • Transition Biomining – Delivering drop-in stimulants to enable higher efficiency copper heap leaching for all copper mines, using their proprietary understanding of the ore-microbiome

  • Cereswaves – Inventors of the “Energy Pang,” a stable electronic device that sits in greenhouses, by crop fields, and in animal growing facilities; powered only by a small solar panel, the Pang emits a super low energy field that creates significant growth and health advantages in crops and animals.

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