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High quality, affordable and convenient teeth straightening services with invisible braces


Miliyun Chiu


Lucas Englehardt

CEO & Co-Founder

Company details

The skin care regimen for women in China includes as many as 9 steps close to the average of 8-10 steps of women in Korea and they are willing to spend US$200 or more on hard to find cosmetics. Over 80% of China’s 200m million white-collar workers have a demand for teeth straightening but the traditional teeth straightening services in China are inconvenient and overly expensive. XIXILAB leverages technology to monitor treatments remotely and the high-quality US sourced materials in their invisible braces to provide Chinese consumers with more affordable and accessible teeth straightening. XIXILAB has partnered with 5 dental clinics and sold over 1m RMB of services.

xixilab HK致力于使用隐形牙套矫正牙齿让客户笑起来更好看。目前在中国,牙齿矫正不仅价格昂贵而且过程繁琐。科技的发展带来了医疗服务方式的革新和成本的降低,使人们无需去医院排很久的队看牙医了。通过远程监控治疗技术,使客户可以在节省时间和支出的同时获得更有效的矫正效果。xixilab价格透明,只需要花费市场同等产品价格的三分之一。中国2亿白领中有80%的人需要矫正牙齿,而现在这已经成为了一件触手可及的事情。xixilab已与5家牙科诊所建立了合作,牙齿隐形矫正服务销售额超过100万元人民币的服务,并准备逐渐扩大规模。

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