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CASPR Biotech

Diagnostics powered by mimetic CRISPR


Franco Goytia

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucia Curti


Carla Gimenez


Company details

Caspr.bio has a COVID-19 test leveraging the CRISPR Cas-12 enzyme that is cheap and rapid, at point of care. The San Francisco and Buenos Aires-based company started 2 years ago, went through IndieBio, and originally worked on Zika virus and other genetic testing. Caspr’s methodology delivers positive tests results very quickly after RNA extraction (1 hour vs. 8+ hours or days in some instances), using devices that cost less than $200 and testing strips that cost less than $10. Because the tests do not require a lab to process, they can be administered in public places such as train stations, business lobbies and airports. Once approved by the FDA, Caspr’s test will be the first CRISPR-approved COVID-19 diagnostic test. The company has working prototypes, plans to scale production over the next 2 months and start commercial testing at hospitals and labs in New York soon.

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