Who’s On Your Ideal Co-Founding Team?

I should state my own bias (if it’s not clear enough already): In an ideal case, there can be between zero and one person on your startup’s founding team who is non-technical. On a two person [...]

Data Storage of the Future

Catalog Technologies is creating a data storage platform that may make hard drives, flash drives, zip drives—and any other kind of storage drive you can think of—all obsolete. Hyunjun Park, [...]

IndieBio EU Gets a New Name: RebelBio

IndieBio EU, SOSV’s Cork-based biotech accelerator, has a new name. Previously there were two branches of IndieBio, IndieBio SF (San Francisco) and IndieBio EU (Cork, Ireland)–now the [...]

SOSV III – New Fuel for Startups

SOSV III closed with $150m raised People certainly know that VCs invest capital in startups. But lots of folks don’t know where that money comes from. The people who invest money for the VC [...]