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SOSV is a $250M venture capital fund focused on accelerating over 120 startups every year. Hop in and grab some rocket fuel.

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SOSV began supplying start-ups with rocket fuel 20 years ago. We are now a global fund with $250M assets under management and a staff of nearly 50 operating world-renowned accelerators in the areas of hardware, software, biology, food, robotics, medical devices, transportation, green energy, and beyond. We have over 300 companies in our portfolio, and we’ll graduate over 120 start-ups from our accelerator programs this year.

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Our Programs


Boost – Already have a product on the market? We can help you blow it up. We’ve brought over 65 products to market in the last 3 years.

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September 8th

San Francisco

FOOD-X is the first international business accelerator program focused on launching food-related ventures.

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September 30th

New York City
Hax Accelerator

HAX is he world’s first and most prolific accelerator program for hardware, IoT, and connected devices.

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November 11th

Shenzhen, China
indiebio 200x200

IndieBio SF is the world’s first Synthetic Biology accelerator – devoted to building startups dedicated toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems with Life itself.

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March 1st

San Francisco
indiebio 200x200

IndieBio EU is the world’s first Synthetic Biology accelerator – devoted to building startups dedicated toward solving humanity’s most pressing problems with Life itself.

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March 7th

Cork, Ireland

Chinaccelerator is The first mentorship-driven seed-funding program in China for entrepreneurs innovating at the cutting-edge of information technology create successful companies.

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April 1st

Shanghai, China
  • “Key advice and professional and personal mentoring for the team delivered invaluable insights into product development, HR, pricing, sales and marketing.”

    Mark LittleCEO, Storyful (Acquired by NewsCorp 2013)
  • “SOSV backs founders first. They have a terrific understanding of how to build value in a tech business year after year - and bring tremendous focus to the product strategy and team needed to create that value.”

    Richard BryceExecutive Chairman and former CEO, Mapflow
  • “SOSV is the most ambitious and forward-thinking VC firm out there by a large margin.”

    Parsa GhaffariCEO, AYLIEN
  • "SOSV was there for Storyful at the moment of truth, when we needed not only finance but mentoring. They followed through with both - through the best of times and also the toughest - and played a key role in our eventual exit."

    Mark LittleFounder and Director of Innovation, Storyful
  • "SOSV is the definition of "smart money". No matter the business-related question we ask, we get sensible answers, helping us to get to a solution without getting in our way of growing our company. After three years of working together and hearing all sorts of horror stories of mangled VC-entrepreneur relations from other companies, we think we got a great deal with SOSV. The success of MavenHut is a testament to that."

    Bobby VoicuCo-founder & CEO, Mavenhut
  • "Through the ongoing support from SOSV, CoderDojo has been able to support 35,000 kids in developing coding and technology skills on a weekly basis. Not only has SOSV supported the movement through direct funding but with Sean O'Sullivan and Bill Liao working with the Foundation team at board level, CoderDojo benefits from their knowledge, wisdom, insight and network of global connections."

    Mary MoloneyGlobal CEO, CoderDojo
  • "HAX is not your generic accelerator - it’s a community, a world class network, a support infrastructure, and provides insane, best-in-the-world expertise in every aspect of building a hardware company."

    Aga NazarukCo-founder, Niwa
  • "The diversity of talent represented in SOSV is inspiring; experts on biology, nano-tech, marketing, medical, and, of course, the cloud, are all one connection away."

    George MoromisatoCo-founder Genetic Anomalies
  • "Before FOOD-X, Servy was just an idea living inside my head. With the help of FOOD-X, we were able to build and launch a market validated product and raise hundreds of thousands of venture capital to help us grow and scale our business."

    Rob EdellFounder, Servy
  • "The Food-X program was extremely helpful. We met top chefs, industry executives, and culinary partners."

    Ryan WalianyFounder, Kitchen Bowl
  • "[HAX is the] Most Prolific Investor in Crowdfunded Hardware Projects."

  • "[HAX is the] Best institutional investor in China."