Demo Day Videos

Watch the latest demo day recordings from each of our Accelerators.

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HAX Batch 08

Kniterate Pitch Video

Wazer Pitch Video

Clean Robotics Pitch Video

Rovenso Pitch Video

HabitAware Pitch Video

FoodMarble Pitch Video

Stepp Pitch Video

my.Flow Pitch Video

Sana Pitch Video

Grobo Pitch Video

The Alpha Labs Pitch Video

Joy Pitch Video

Nura Pitch Video

Trainerbot Pitch Video

IndieBio EU Batch 02

Ageria Pitch Video

Saphium Biotechnology Pitch Video

Sothic Bioscience Pitch Video

Pili Pitch Video

GlowDx Pitch Video

Prospecitve Research Pitch Video

Aranex Biotech Pitch Video

IndieBio SF Batch 02

Chinaccelerator Batch 09

Chozun Pitch Video

RAWK Pitch Video

Kajin Health Pitch Video

Atmosoar Pitch Video

Mexbt Pitch Video

CanFreee Pitch Video

Out of X Pitch Video

Food-X Batch 04

Eatiamo Pitch Video

Lotus Scoop Pitch Video

Bite Pitch Video

Saucey Sauce Pitch Video

Fresh Surety Pitch Video

Molli Pitch Video

Proformance Foods Pitch Video

Plasma Nutrition Pitch Video

Barley and Oats Pitch Video

MOX Batch 01

Bubbleye Pitch Video

DemystData Pitch Video

Gift on the Go Pitch Video

KitCut Pitch Video

Mybrana Pitch Video

Sweet Pitch Video

Taggle Pitch Video

TappyToon Pitch Video

URBAN-X Batch 01

Nello Pitch Video

Stae Pitch Video

Brooklyness Pitch Video

Numina Pitch Video

Buzzware Pitch Video

Samocat Pitch Video

FarmShelf Pitch Video

Multimer Pitch Video

Industrial Organic Pitch Video