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VC Lingo: What are pro rata rights?

VC Lingo: What is an accredited investor?

VC Lingo: What is a 409A Valuation?

VC Lingo: What is an institutional investor?

VC Lingo: What is a liquidity event?

VC Lingo: What is an ESOP?

HAX Accelerator

Steve Mann at HAX (2/2)

Steve Mann at HAX (1/2)

HAX Hardware Trends 2018 - Shenzhen Insights From Hardware Startups

HAX Hardware Trends 2018 - Shenzhen Insights from Hardware Investors

HAX Numbers 2018

HAX Demo Day #10 Panel–At Your Service: Robots In The Workforce


Biotech Accelerators: Rebels With A Cause

DNA Test Reveals Impact of Your LifeStyle | Chronomics

Artificial Intelligence: Just 'Flow' With It | NeuroCreate

Diabetes: A Sweet Solution From A Strange Fruit | Magellan Life Sciences

Primary Cells & Personalised medicine

Addressing Pre-diabetes with Biotech


Indie Bio - Demo Day #6 - Closing

Indie Bio - Demo Day #6 - Vetherapy

Indie Bio - Demo Day #6 - Lingrove

Indie Bio - Demo Day #6 - Nuro

Indie Bio - Demo Day #6 - sRNAlytics

Indie Bio - Demo Day #6 - Neurocarrus


10X10 Beijing 2012

Chinaccelerator DemoDay Video

Chinaccelerator Demo Day - eProf

Enter the Dragon


07 Ingest For Public

06 Cultovo For Public

05 Freshspoke For Public

03 Global Belly For Public

02 ViSR For Public

01 The Abbot's Butcher For Public


MOX BATCH 4 Demo Day moments

OOMPH Stanley Tan

Style Seller Ahn, SungKoog

Dogether - Hammad Jilani

Goama Taro Araya

Whycall Youngjung Yun

Kickstarter Videos

Ski Gear 2016 - CARV Real-Time Ski Wearable | Live on Kickstarter

Pulse Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter Revols - Custom Earphones

Giroptic Full HD 360° Camera Kickstarter promo

CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer