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Prior to her scientific training, Katia Nazmutdinova ran a video transfer services company in the States, which was sold for a profit in 2007 and exists to this day. She then studied human biology, while working part-time as a freelance writer, broadcast editor and a science tutor and obtained her MSci in Biological Sciences (UCL, 2013) and a PhD in Genetics of Rare Diseases (UCL, 2018). In her doctoral research she modelled a rare kidney disease using patient-derived cells, isolated from urine. There was huge potential in this new cell source and an opportunity to innovate, which resulted in Encelo, co-founded with Dr Natalie Grefenstette, who has a background in organic chemistry. Dr Katia Nazmutdinova is the driving force of Encelo, responsible for product development, the strategic direction of the company and liaising with prospective customers and partners.