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Sophie Helfend
Business Development Manager, HAX

Sophie has joined SOSV as the Digital Marketing Lead for the HAX Program and is based in NYC/Newark.

Prior to joining SOSV, Sophie interned at IBM in the Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Cybersecurity divisions. She also has experience in marketing consulting and brand strategy at both Hawke Media and The Gro Agency. As Digital Marketing Lead, Sophie is responsible for curating a deep-rooted online media presence, generating content through founder interviews and news outlets, and fostering community relationships across ecosystems. Sophie’s goal is to position HAX as the center of technological disruption by attracting nuanced founders to the HAX accelerator program.Sophie was born and raised in CA and she graduated New York University with degrees in Business, Technology, and Social Neuroscience.

Sophie is an avid runner, learning enthusiast and a frequent dog park attendee.