Ryan Shuken

Program Director, MOX

Ryan is Program Director and Partner at MOX, where he oversees development of the MOX ecosystem of founders, investors, mentors and partners. He is also the growth-hacker in residence at Chinaccelerator, founder of the #1 startup podcast in China, and has founded and built startups on three continents. Specialized in building metric-driven growth strategies, Ryan helps companies optimize growth in Asia/SEA and developing markets.

Ryan graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Economics and Chinese language, having spent two years studying Chinese language, law, international trade and culture at Fudan University as part of his degree. He also studied international business and entrepreneurship in Sweden at the Jonkoping School of International Business. After graduation he continued advanced Chinese language and contracts study at East China Normal University, and worked for as Director of Marketing and Partnerships at a silicon valley translation app company. Ryan has been part of SOSV’s china ecosystem, first as mentor and then staff, since 2014.


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