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Paul Monaghan
Principal, SOSV

Paul is a Principal at SOSV focused on supporting the Food-X and dlab portfolios. His responsibilities include monitoring the existing Food-X investment portfolio, helping to manage follow-on investments into the companies, and generally assisting the portfolio in their closing of additional rounds of financing.

Prior to SOSV, Paul was an Analyst at Bourne Park Capital, a London-based hedge fund manager. His role involved performing due diligence on potential investments and managing portfolio risk, building risk models for internal portfolio management, and canvassing fund managers for deployment of fund strategy. Prior to that he led the sourcing team at Tigerlabs, a venture capital accelerator based in Princeton, focusing primarily on B2B SaaS investments.

Paul graduated from Fordham University with a B.A. in Economics. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking throughout the US and is an avid film photographer. Paul is a 5-time Junior National Champion in court tennis.