Krystal Wei
Program Specialist, Orbit Startups

Krystal Wei is a Program Specialist at Orbit Startups. Prior to joining SOSV, she worked in a digital marketing company, providing brand building in the Chinese market for overseas B2B technology start-ups and unicorns, including (the second largest unicorn company in Europe), BALYO(a Singapore-based warehousing and logistics technology company),and Browzwear,(an Israeli 3D clothing design software company).

Krystal worked as a project specialist in China’s No. 1 financial education company and accumulated experience in project management by increasing performance by nearly 25% as a core member.

She has a keen interest in tech development and startups growth. After leaving college, she joined different start-up companies for relevant internships and became an important member of them, helping her to understood more about the business and operation model of start-ups. She believes that start-ups with potential can make a difference in their industry