Elsa Sotiriadis

Chief Futurist and Program Director, RebelBio UK

Elsa is a globetrotting synthetic biologist, technologist and futurist thinker. As program director at RebelBio, she is responsible for driving the acceleration of the startups and the vision and output of the program. She is also focused on building the RebelBio brand and innovation ecosystem, as well as being a regular speaker and writer on the disruptive potential of biology.

As PhD Scholar at Imperial College London, she won several awards, co-founded a revenue-generating tech startup, and founded a “Cancer Moonshot” to develop programmable DNA architectures (aptamers) as novel anticancer agents from a computer.

As Lead Analyst for emerging technologies and startup intelligence in High-Tech and Energy, her focus included artificial intelligence, zero-carbon smart cities and automation. She also co-lead a futurism study and provided strategic advisory to global companies and government on how disruptive technologies are changing the world. Before joining SOSV, she worked in Finance in the city of London.

Elsa writes poetry and science fiction on the side, has been published in leading international literary magazines and is passionate about future technologies – she recently became a cyborg live on stage.