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Daphne Liu
HR & Operations Manager, Orbit Startups

Daphne has joined as a HR & Operations Manager at Orbit Startups. Raised in South Africa before moving to China, Daphne studied in the USA and is now living in Taiwan.

Before joining SOSV, Daphne worked as an executive assistant to the CEO of a locally listed financial group. Here she developed excellent time management and organizational skills.

Before this, she worked at a fortune 500 company for over 6 years as a real estate consultant. She has assisted some major projects with many multinational firms in various industries including Amazon, TikTok, BNP Paribas, WPP group and many more.

Daphne considers herself to be optimistic, loves to laugh, is always grateful and will always try to bring joy to people around her. A random fact is that her favorite flowers are Sunflowers.