Community Update: Fall 2015

Community Update: A summer of perks and meetups Greetings from SOSV land! We’re fully into fall here, and, in an effort to relive the glories of the summer past, we thought we’d send [...]

Power to the Podium

What startup or growing business has not obsessed over its lack of budget, and killer PR, all at the same time? In-house marketeers are often set the task of getting more ink, raising brand [...]

A Startups Guide to Milestone Investing

Too much money is rarely enough. Strange thing is, money, in and of its self, has no value. Yet we have co-evolved with money to the point where it has very strange effects on the physiology of [...]

The 10 Dis’s of Distribution

DISTRIBUTION – a milestone event (noun) – “the ritual celebration that takes place when a startup actually receives payment from a distributor/retailer for its virgin production [...]

PR 101: The Press Release

The 3 “S’s” of Success  Before jumping straight into the “dos and don’ts” of press release writing, let me summarize what we covered in the SOSV PR 101 blogs over the past few [...]

Clock The Deal!

As entrepreneurs, most of us hope and pray for that “big offer” to sell our companies to another company – or the public. When an acquisition offer does come in, you need to [...]

Collecting Flows Not Tasks

ToDo lists may be the staple of many a business person and yet ToDo lists tend to be accumulators. Also when they get even slightly long they become intimidating, even daunting. Many a [...]

The “F” Word

For every inspiring success story of a startup’s triumph against the odds, there are 9 more waiting in the wings to tell us a much different tale. These tales can range from co-founder splits, [...]

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