It is no surprise to hear that memberships at gyms and fitness outlets all over the world surge (by over 80% in some cases) in the month of January. A promise and commitment to change our wicked [...]

The Road to Investment

Before you even think about getting investment you really need to get some traction ..if you want to succeed. Investors get bombarded with ideas all the time. But the only true way of proving an [...]

Power to the Podium

What startup or growing business has not obsessed over its lack of budget, and killer PR, all at the same time? In-house marketeers are often set the task of getting more ink, raising brand [...]

The 10 Dis’s of Distribution

DISTRIBUTION – a milestone event (noun) – “the ritual celebration that takes place when a startup actually receives payment from a distributor/retailer for its virgin production [...]

PR 101: The Press Release

The 3 “S’s” of Success  Before jumping straight into the “dos and don’ts” of press release writing, let me summarize what we covered in the SOSV PR 101 blogs over the past few [...]

Collecting Flows Not Tasks

ToDo lists may be the staple of many a business person and yet ToDo lists tend to be accumulators. Also when they get even slightly long they become intimidating, even daunting. Many a [...]

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