The Next Wave for FOOD-X

By Nolan English, FOOD-X Program Coordinator As FOOD-X III comes to a close, we are thankful for our friends and mentors who spent time with our Fall 2015 cohort. There is a transition occurring [...]

Register to Attend FOOD-Xcel Day III

It’s almost here! FOOD-X, our food business accelerator, is ramping up to Demo Day on Thursday, December 3rd in NYC. FOOD-X’s third cohort contains ten new disruptive food businesses that will [...]

Get Good Karma From GIVN Bottled Water

GIVN, a company making it easy to do good, is part of FOOD-X’s new cohort. GIVN’s idea is simple: buy a bottle of GIVN Water, and the company will donate enough money to provide a day’s worth of [...]

Using the Network: Elyes of Crema

The value of SOSV’s food accelerator, FOOD-X, goes beyond the program itself. Founders get access to a network of personal connections that lead to exciting opportunities. The trick to [...]

FOOD-X Announces its Third Cohort!

SOSV’s mission as The Accelerator VC entails recognizing key areas of opportunity and developing specialized accelerators that give promising new companies everything they need to succeed in [...]