What Is an Accelerator?

Although accelerators emerged as early as 2005, and now so many startups want to be in one, most people are still confused about what accelerators are and what makes them so popular. As one of [...]

Entrepreneur = DO

Building things well is hard and generally requires iteration and integrity as well as design, engineering, science, math and a bunch of other stuff from 3d printing to carpentry…and even [...]

Keep SOSV on this winning STREAK

SOSV as we know is an ever expanding family of awesome startups all over the world. We at SOSV are working hard to streamline our processes and learnings to improve our overall onboarding of [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 6-6-16

Photo: The Food-X team on Demo Day last Thursday! Photo cred: Eattiamo.  In case you missed it – here’s some top news from SOSV’s accelerator programs last week…. HAX The robot uprising has begun [...]

Trend or Fad?

5 ways to tell the difference So you’ve quit your unsatisfying job, and you’ve made the somewhat foolhardy yet exciting decision to start your own business. You have an idea in mind. [...]

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