Haptics to Break Habits

Aneela Kumar had a secret she had kept for nearly 20 years. From friends, from her parents – even from her husband. She was a “trichster,” someone who unconsciously and habitually pulls out their [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 6-27-16

Photo: URBAN-X Cohort 1 visited our partners at BMW/ MINI in Munich last week. Summer arrived in full swing last week, and we were all over the news! Congrats to the SOSV accelerator programs and [...]

HAX Boostcamp: Week 1

HAX Boost is a 42-day program for hardware startups that starts with two weeks of intense retail, marketing and business strategy training. Our 11 teams arrived on Monday from all over the world, [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 4-25-16

Photo: A few Food-X troublemakers classing up Stone St. TechCrunch named SOSV as one of the top VCs for female founders! Check out the full results from the first comprehensive study on women in [...]