5 Lessons From Engineering in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the epicenter of world’s mass manufacturing industry. This means that Shenzhen is the perfect playground for engineers. To make the best out of the Shenzhen ecosystem, engineers [...]

Haptics to Break Habits

Aneela Kumar had a secret she had kept for nearly 20 years. From friends, from her parents – even from her husband. She was a “trichster,” someone who unconsciously and habitually pulls out their [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 6-27-16

Photo: URBAN-X Cohort 1 visited our partners at BMW/ MINI in Munich last week. Summer arrived in full swing last week, and we were all over the news! Congrats to the SOSV accelerator programs and [...]

HAX Boostcamp: Week 1

HAX Boost is a 42-day program for hardware startups that starts with two weeks of intense retail, marketing and business strategy training. Our 11 teams arrived on Monday from all over the world, [...]

Accelerator News: Weekly Roundup 4-25-16

Photo: A few Food-X troublemakers classing up Stone St. TechCrunch named SOSV as one of the top VCs for female founders! Check out the full results from the first comprehensive study on women in [...]

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