Announcing IndieBio’s 4th Class

IndieBio is excited to announce our newest class of thirteen biotech startups. These companies are bringing innovation to a host of industries, from classical biotech spaces like drug development [...]

The 10 Dis’s of Distribution

DISTRIBUTION – a milestone event (noun) – “the ritual celebration that takes place when a startup actually receives payment from a distributor/retailer for its virgin production [...]

The “F” Word

For every inspiring success story of a startup’s triumph against the odds, there are 9 more waiting in the wings to tell us a much different tale. These tales can range from co-founder splits, [...]

Four Cs To Get Ireland Moving

Politicians and business leaders in Ireland talk a lot about supporting job creation, and economic growth. We know we cannot accept the status quo. The economy, though perhaps improving, is just [...]

It’s A Distraction Till It Isn’t

A young entrepreneur discovers that there is a new potential market for their product. Till now, their product has been vaguely aimed at consumers and it’s not getting traction. Revenues are a [...]

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