PLANETARIANS is an ingredient tech company. Our patent-pending technology upcycles the defatted seeds of oily crops and converts them into high-protein, high-fiber ingredients.

PLANETARIANS ingredients:

  • Cheaper than isolated proteins
  • Add value to farmers and crush plants across the value chain
  • Require 100x less land, 40x fewer water and emit 70x less CO2 than cattle
  • Make possible providing the FDA recommended 2000 cal daily intake under $1
  • Can feed 10-20 more people from the same ingredients if repurposed from animals.

Replacing 30% of the regular All-purpose flour in bread with upcycled seeds doubles the protein and fiber content, keeping the texture and costs the same. Applications: Cereal, Snacks, Bars, Cookies, Crackers, Desserts, Pasta, Pizza, Burger bun, Bread.