NuLeaf Tech

Effective water treatment is primarily only available at scale. Municipal treatment plants, the most common solution, are huge, expensive, and wasteful. Many are aging and struggle to meet the demands of a growing world or adapt new resource-smart technology without the expense of building an entirely new treatment plant. Septic tanks, the most common small-scale option, don't even treat the water. Specialized geography can also drive up the price of septic tanks, sometimes making them more expensive than the homes they need to support. These inflexible systems are catered to municipalities, leaving behind industries and people with specialized wastewater, and this is a growing humanitarian and economic crisis. Leaks from aging, unregulated septic tanks are a leading cause of disease and algae blooms in the US, and sewage overflows from treatment plants are the second highest polluter of waterways in the US. Inadequacies in US wastewater infrastructure will cost the US over $740 billion in business sales and $60 billion in health costs from 2011-2020, and will only grow in the upcoming decade.

NuLeaf makes all-natural water treatment easy and beautiful with modular scalability. Our NuTrees are devices that use all-natural processes to treat and recycle wastewater. Our systems have removed over 99% of contaminants of high-strength wastewater. Yet, it costs less than $10,000 and are both smaller and more affordable than septic tanks. Both effective and modular, the units can also provide specialized wastewater treatment to water-heavy industries and provide easier expansion for aging, overwhelmed municipal treatment plants with a low maintenance, intuitive wastewater system. Operating on the general principles of aquaponics and engineered wetlands, the systems use nothing but natural processes to treat & transform wastewater into nutrient-rich water that can, at the user's discretion, be used for bioenergy and vertical farming. Our units can be modified for different sectors, like agriculture, municipalities, and urban farming.

Over 80% of the world's water goes untreated - our technology can unlock new markets in water by reaching an under served niche that can turn that 80% of untreated water into profitability. For alcohol, agriculture, municipalities, septic tanks, and urban farming sectors our total target market is over $270 billion across the United States. Right now the market focuses are alcohol (particularly brewing) and urban farming/cannabis in the US. Breweries are a rapidly growing market that are responsible for 88% of wastewater created in the alcohol industry, and pay twice as much for their wastewater as comparable industries like pharmaceuticals and agriculture. Over 95% of the united states breweries are too small to afford on site treatment plants that can easily cost $100,000 or more. Our current projections for 3 years aim to secure $68 million for annual revenue by year 3 by focusing our efforts in the Pacific Northwest market. We are currently working with VentureNetwork Partners to launch a seed round which will then be leveraged into a Series A. Our current goals are to launch our urban farming units for bootstrap revenue, launch our pilot program, and complete our current sales orders.