NuLeaf Tech


Water is life. Yet water scarcity is a global problem; the World Economic Forum reports that water will be the #1 most impactful societal problem in the next decade and the UN predicts that over 60% of the world will be affected by water scarcity by 2050. With 80% of the world’s water not adequately treated and less than 1% of water recycled, humanity’s mismanagement of this resource is the major driver of this scarcity. This is in part because effective water treatment is only available at scale. Between the standards of large, expensive, and wasteful municipal treatment plants and smaller, ineffective septic tanks, few technologies exist that provide effective treatment that are easy to use, affordable, recycle water and come with compact yet flexible sizing.


NuLeaf offers a wastewater treatment device, the NuTree, with powerful treatment at a small scale with easy and cheap expansion units. A single, compact unit can treat a household’s amount of wastewater (300 gallons/day) and remove over 90% of contaminants. Its modular design allows multiple units to easily and cheaply link together to treat more wastewater. Akin to a high tech garden, it cleans water using only naturally occurring plants and microbes making it easy to use, low maintenance, odorless, and cost under 10k. Other green perks include recycling water for reuse, recycling nutrients to grow microgreens with a vertical farming attachment, and creating bioenergy to make the system self-powered.

**Opportunity **

We provide natural water treatment in neglected areas in all major sectors - from craft beer to off grid living - that current treatment can’t reach. We can corner reach a 1-1.5 billion of the $92 billion water treatment & recycling markets and eventually tap into the 12.6 billion and 1.5 billion water recycling and vertical farming market. Our beachead market is craft beer, a rapidly growing industry hindered by water costs.