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Compact Ecosystems for Off-Grid Water Solutions.

NuLeaf Tech

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NuLeaf engineers compact ecosystems for off-grid water solutions.

A sustainable, equitable future needs water solutions that are on-site, all-natural, and available for all - let’s get there together.

Today our wastewater treatment options are pretty limited - aging municipal treatment plants are crumbling and septic tanks won’t be able to pick up the slack. With too few options in between, billions of people are struggling to go off-grid with their water.

In 2017, in the middle of California’s record-breaking drought, two nature nerds that have watched too much Star Trek (as we affectionally call ourselves) started paving the way for on-site and modular treatment for all at NASA Ames. We leaned into intersectional and personal wastewater treatment and engineered the NuTree and were quickly backed by SOSV and RebelBio.

Today we’re a startup that empowers everyday people to treat and recycle their water with nature’s methods. We engineered the NuTree, which is a novel on-site wastewater treatment device. Its modular units can effectively treat waste from a single household to growing businesses.

The NuTree also boasts unprecedented ease of use - no Ph.D. required! - which makes the system not only easy to construct but low maintenance to make the system affordable. It blows our competition out of the water with effective treatment and a better price point with all the perks of green design with a circular, zero-waste system that includes water recycling, bioenergy, and growing crops.

From off-grid tiny homes to microbreweries to eco-warrior gardens - Help us pave the way for a future where no one has to worry about dirty water.

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Company People

Rachel Major

Rachel Major
CEO & Co-Founder

Ari Ochoa

Ari Ochoa
CTO & Co-Founder

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