Turning waste co2 into protein for aquaculture and other animal feed #

Feeding fish farming must become less costly

Every year, 20 million tons of expensive wild fish are caught and processed into feed for the fastest growing part of the world food system – aquaculture.

Feeding fish to fish has been necessary but increasingly pricey. Since 2000, there’s been a 5-fold increase in prices of feed ingredients rendered from wild fish (fishmeal and fish oil). This nutritional challenge at the heart of the ~$100+ billion aquafeed sector is the most significant cost contributor to the $300B+ seafood market.

Too much carbon, too few fish

36 billion tonnes of CO2 are emitted each year, warming the planet unsustainably, while overfishing damages our oceans and depletes wild fisheries.


Low-cost, sustainable, complete protein for aquaculture and other animal feeds. This proprietary microbial technology will convert millions of tons of waste CO2 into millions of tons of otherwise rare, high value protein. With the same process plants use to turn CO2 into fruits and vegetables, this unique gas fermentation bests agricultural proteins, being up to 1000x more productive per acre and 100x more efficient.

Novomeal: a Better, natural ingredient, today

• A drop-in fish protein alternative to go in feed; dried, sterilized, single-cell organisms with 68% protein and optimized amino acids (blue at right vs. fishmeal in red); rich in niacin, organic acids, biotin • Lower costs and better nutrition means faster growth and better health than by feeding fishmeal synthetic biology products tomorrow Ultra-high value commodity additives – Omega-3-rich fish oil replacements, aquaculture enzymes, vitamins, and anti-oxidants, e.g. astaxanthin

10 billion carbon negative food platform: fish first, then livestock, poultry, pets, people

• Efficient food security via low-cost production, each regionally distributed plant producing $10M to billions revenue at EBITDA margins of 50% or more • Uses minimal land & water, potential to decouple nutrients from agriculture and fossil fuel • High-margins and stable profits projected from advantageous off-take and input agreements, joint ventures, and project finance


$850K from Grantham, the team, friends, and family. While this pre-Seed raise continues, a priced round is also projected ~ November 6’s IndieBio/SOSV Demo Day. (N.B. The Jeremy & Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust)

Novonutrients Team

8 people with deep knowledge of gas fermentation, micro- and synthetic biology, and feed, as well as 3 PhDs, 20 patents, and 350+ publications. Founded 8 startups (including two public companies) and a micro VC fund for aquaculture.