NewPath Probiotics

Millions of people are diagnosed with chronic sinus symptoms and countless others consistently purchase remedies for nasal issues. Billions of dollars are being spent on treatments that offer temporary relief with long-term negative consequences, such as nasal steroids and decongestants. Even worse, these sinus sufferers are often forced into a downward symptom spiral by receiving strong antibiotics. Modern science has shown the root cause of chronic sinus issues is the lack of friendly microbes and yet treatments of antibiotics wipe out friendly microbes along with the pathogens they are intended to kill. At NewPath Probiotics we have designed a probiotic that specifically addresses this issue. We have designed a sinus spray featuring friendly microbes. Through competing with and killing the disease-causing pathogens and breaking up biofilms, our probiotic will bring back sinus wellness and restore the sinus ecosystem. Joe Miller Co-founder & CEO Entrepreneurship + Sales // Dr. Jayant Pinto Co-founder & CMO Sinus Researcher // Gio Barbat Co-founder & CFO MBA + Financial Management // Dr. Tala Ballouz COO MSc PH-HSR + Operations