Nerd Skincare

WE ARE NERDS. What we believe is simple. What we create is powerful. Because it revolves around you.

We are innovators, formulators and skin-obsessed thinkers who are taking skincare deeper. To create acne-free skin and a lot more. Our science uses your own biology to help your skin think differently, act differently and take care of itself. So it can look better than you could ever imagine. Acne-free. Wrinkle-relieved. And so healthy it glows.

We dream in ideas. We do in science. And we prove it on your face. Because we want your best skin day to happen every day of your life.

We look at your biology on a microscopic level, which helps us to wage smart germ warfare every day.By working to balance and supercharge your skin’s microbiome, we create a unique ecosystem of perfectly balanced facial flora, which lets your skin thrive, rather than just struggle to survive.
We make bacterial cellulose sheets that can help speed up chronical wound healing time by 40% and we plan to sell ours at about 1/20 of current market price.