IOK Labs Inc

KloveChef is an AI driven multi-modal conversational solution, that helps consumers to cook with confidence in their kitchen. Built to take advantage of voice assistant services like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, running on top of an AI/Deep Learning platform optimized for the culinary domain, KloveChef enhances cooking experiences with seamless audio-visual interactivity and personalization.

The business has achieved validation with a combination of signed contracts and paid and unpaid pilots with numerous leading consumer brands across various verticals. The product has great reviews from external reviewers ( and some have reviewed live on Facebook ( and

KloveChef runs as a cook-along app (Skill on Alexa/Action on Google) that encapsulates the complete user journey from meal-planning/recipe discovery and grocery shopping to cooking the meal, with a natural and convenient interactive multi-modal audio-visual experience. It offers users an ever-expanding repository of curated recipes, contextual chef tips, personalized recommendations and the convenience of voice shopping right in the kitchen. For B2B partners, there are also marketing and analytics components to the offering. (Checkout product features in this short video: