CroíValve is developing a transcatheter device to treat Tricuspid Regurgitation, a common heart valve disorder for which there are no commercially available minimally invasive solutions. Tricuspid Regurgitation (TR) occurs in heart failure patients, affecting 550k new US/ EU patients every year. The vast majority of patients are elderly and too ill for surgery. For lack of a minimally invasive option, patients are consigned to symptom management, resulting in a four-fold increase in mortality at one year, with associated co-morbidity and quality-of-life impacts. There is also an economic impact, because TR results in long and repeated hospitalisations, and significant utilisation of healthcare resources. This unmet clinical need represents a $3 billion market potential

CroíValve’s solution, invented by a leading interventional cardiologist, is a coaptation valve to restore tricuspid valve function by supporting the native valve leaflets. It is held in place by an atraumatic anchor that facilitates straightforward delivery and positioning while also preserving the cardiac anatomy. CroíValve’s unique selling proposition is that the device is safer, more effective, less traumatic, and easier to deliver than competing technologies.