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Whole muscle meat alternatives grown naturally from fungi

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We all know the over consumption of animal products is a major cause of global warming and environmental degradation, and that the best way we can lower our carbon footprints is to switch to a plant-based diet. However, consumers are compromising on products that are ultra-processed, not necessarily healthy, and lacking variety: today’s meat-alternatives are mostly burgers, sausages & nuggets, and consumers lack ‘whole-muscle’ plant-based products.

Consumers looking for meat alternatives love their nuggs and burgers, but no company has recreated the experience of a chicken or pork cutlet in taste and texture without ultra-processing methods. Bosque Foods leverages the power of fungi to create the next generation of meat alternatives that will satisfy omnivores and flexitarians alike, starting with whole-cut meat products grown naturally from mycelium. With their unique process of solid-state fermentation, they cultivate pure edible mycelium by upcycling agri food side streams, thereby taking a linear process and making it circular. They harvest their mycelium to create whole-cut meats that are nutrient dense, minimally processed and clean-label. The company has already developed chicken and pork prototypes, and their solid-state fermentation process allows them to scale quickly to meet the demands of the projected $12 billion whole-cut chicken and pork plant-based meat market.

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Company People

Isabella Iglesias-Musachio

Isabella Iglesias-Musachio
CEO & Founder

Jara Salueña

Jara Salueña
Lead Biotechnologist

Rafael Philippini

Rafael Philippini
Lead Microbiologist 

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