Revolutionizing Microbiome Discovery

Company Details

BiomeSense is developing an integrated biosensor & cloud-based software platform to massively scale the collection and analysis of gut microbiome data, producing up to 30x the data of existing tools for the same or lower cost. The enabling technology is a proprietary microfluidic biosensor that's installed in the patient home, passively and continuously sampling the gut microbiome without any input from the patient.

The company's first market is clinical research, exponentially increasing the data available during clinical trials. After this market, the company plans to rapidly move to clinical use as a companion / traditional diagnostic, and long-term, the ultimate vision is to become a widespread consumer product to enable everyone to track and understand their microbiome for better health.

Company People

Savas Tay

Savas Tay

Kevin Honaker

Kevin Honaker

Dylan Nichols

Dylan Nichols
Lead Engineer

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